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  "Let us do the dirty work!"

FAQ: Does your company supply cleaners and equipment?

ANSWER: Clean Sweep provides cleaners that are tailored to the environment and our health. Most of the cleaners we use are natural and non-toxic. Rest assured our products clean and sanitize 100%.

FAQ: How do I know that I can feel safe having your employees in my home or office?

ANSWER: Employees must pass background screening before being hired. Clean Sweep is also bonded for added peace of mind.

FAQ: What form of payments do you accept?

ANSWER: For our customer's convenience, we accept: Cash, Checks, Mastercard and Visa, (Credit or Debit cards) Paypal, and Online Pay through Quickbooks.

FAQ: How many cleaning techs will be at my home or office cleaning at a time?

ANSWER: Usually there will be 2 or 3 cleaning techs at a time, depending on the size of the job.